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Course Includes: Certificates of completion and all equipment supplied
by Protect.

Refund Policy: You will be refunded one week prior to class if we do not get the minimum seats or if we cancel for some other reason at our end (though very unlikely). No other Refunds. Thank you! 

Contact Mr. Kirby with questions: 717-252-2824

Note: 11 years of age and older (minors accompanied by guardian).

Course Duration: 5 hours
Minimum Seats 5 / Max. Seats 10

Course Objective: Firearm safety and small caliber rifle for target shooting skills.

Training Focus:
Safe gun handling skills.
Loading and unloading
Use of safety and trigger finger discipline
Marksmanship skills
        Determining Dominant Eye
        Breathe Control
        Sight Alignment & Sight Picture
        Trigger Control
        Follow Through

Shooting Positions
       Prone (Lying Down)

Target shooting and scoring
Having fun!!

We provide .22 cal rifles or bring your own .22 cal rifle:
We also provide 100 rounds of .22 cal ammunition
Bring your own .22 cal ammunition if you wish as well.

All Classes taught by Certified Firearms instructors

Our Rifles:

           MP5 Variant .22 cal                              AR Variant .22 cal                          Scoped Semi-Auto Hunting . 22 cal  



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