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BASIC CARBINE                                                                                                   Professionals on a closed range.
Course Duration: 4-6 hours
Certificate of Completion

Students are introduced to the Carbine. Students get the opportunity to experience this robust weapon systems. The goal is to give the student an understanding of this level of  firepower. This class is not a target practice rather an education on Basic Carbine


  • Pistol-Caliber Carbine / Ballistics / Ammo / Armor
  • Rifle-Caliber Carbine / Ballistics / Ammo / Armor
    Magazines / Ammo Storage Devices
    Class III weapons

    Typical Gear / Rigs / Kydex Products

    Accessories /Optics / Lights
  • Cheek-weld / Grip / Stance / Transitions
  • Bad Levers and Ambi Safety (theoretical developments)
  • Supplemental Training
  • Multi-Weapon Drills
  • Leg Work / Shooting Positions
  • Move Commands / Partner Drills
  • Weapon Stoppages and Remedial Actions
  • and More!

Contact Mr. Kirby for more information: 717-252-2824 / kirby@protectinternational.org   

Next Class: UNSCHEDULED (ongoing classes...small groups by appointment)
Prerequisite: Safety and/or Basic Pistol Certificate
Registration Deadline:
Time & Loc:


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