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          Basic  Carbine Class 2011     
                                                                                                                       Heckard, Oplinger, Kirby, Carr               Protect carbine 2011                                  




Pennsylvania Act 235 / Lethal Weapons Agent Certification 11/17/2014 - PA Armed Security Certification
Instructors: Director Kirby, Director Gindrow, Senior Instructor Westerman, Instructor Carr




NRA Pistol June 8, 2013 at ProtectInternational.org

Mr. Kirby teaches the ladies at         Master Kirby presents Black Belts
    Junior Cadet Class Basic Pistol
Milagro House escape tactics
for every day life in the city.


   Officer Bennett & Junior Cadet / dry exercises                              Officer Benett - Basic Pistol at  Protect Int'l

Mr. Kirby conducts sparring clinic 



       Scott & Son Ransom on Range                   Kirby and Son with Grandson on range              Protect Survival gear (jacket shown)

Master Kirby with the GRACIE / UFC            Master Kirby with Bill "Superfoot"         Master Kirby with Grand Master               GM Lee , Master Kirby, GM Do
Family, Miami Florida 1997                         Wallace / Chicago 2000                       Jhoon Rhee / Chicago 2000                    Miami, Fl 1990

Protect Rifle 2010





NRA First Steps Pistol March 2013












      School Safety & Threat Assesment Clinic  /  Elementary School









 Youth Airgun 2014




NRA Instructor Training / Eastern PA

Mr. & Ms Kirby with                   With PA Governor Corbett, Ann Womble                                                  With PA Senator Smucker        With Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray
PA Lt. Governor Jim Cawley