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Junior Officer Training Academy
Ongoing Classes

In the words of Protect Int'l
For youths ages 16 and up who wish to train for a career in Law Enforcement, Private Security, Military etc. Parents/Guardians will sign off on all training.               

Cap & Certificates Awarded

Training is done by professionals in the field and certified instructors in a safe and secure manner.

Various Topics Covered Dependant on Student Composition (ages etc)

  • All parents and students are interviewed and students are invited to attend classes if approved
  • Certificates of completion awarded and signed by certified instructors
  • Black Belt Certification
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Self-Defense and Martial Arts
  • Firearms: Safety, NRA First Steps, NRA Pistol Shooting and more!!
  • Mace, Pepper, and TASER Familiarity
  • Liabilities and Concerns
  • CPR / AED
  • And More.

This course focuses on craft skills such as self-defense, marksmanship and driving skills (when appropriate). Classes are conducted by certified instructors and the training and certifiecates can be useful on an individuals resume for the purposes of employment etc. Classes meet mthly.

Current classes available: Lancaster, York, Central, PA
717-252-2824 /


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