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& Investigations of PA

The Brawnstone Security & Investigations team is proud to present  clients with a wide range of security services and training that is geared toward their success. Brawnstone Security is your number one source for security,
investigations and training.

Corporate Website here : www.brawnstonesecurity.com


Brawnstone's staff is comprised of:

     Police Officers
     Tactical Trainers
     NRA & PSP Instructors
     Security Specialists
     Medical Trainers
     Law Enforcement Consultants
     Narcotic & Protection K9 Trainers
     NRA Certified Instructors
     Skip Tracers
     Asset Recovery Specialist

     Private Investigators

 We specialize in:

    Alarm Systems & Monitoring
    Law Enforcement Security
    sonal Protection
    Custom Security Solutions

    School Security / Terrorist Assessments / Planning

    Civilian CCW Certification
    Security Officer Training & Firearm Certification
    Skip Tracing
    Asset Recovery
    Tactical Training
    Bodyguard Training
    Executive Protective Training
    K9 Narcotic & Protection Training

Basically, we can handle all of your security & training needs including custom “COVERT” programs. If you have any type of security issues or need specialized training please contact us right away.

To Your Success

Brawnstone Security and Investigations of PA