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Our Mission at ProtectInternatonal.org
Find the best trainers and professionals in the Personal Protection & Tactical
Defense Disciplines and bring them together to provide Personal Security Solutions and Quaility Training Programs.

Stephen Kirby

Founder, ProtectInternational.org

After more than 28 years in the self-defense and personal protection business...Mr. Kirby and the Protect Staff are committed to your security
and safety. With a constituency that includes martial arts professionals,  ex-military and  law enforcement, Mr. Kirby and the Protect Team are able to provide the highest level of training expertise.

Security and Investigations

  • Director, PA State Police Certified - Lethal Weapons Academy - Law Enforcement And Security Officer Training Academy of York PA
    Licensed, Bonded, Private Investigator / Detective / Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Certified Pennsylvania State Police Lethal Weapons Instructor
  • Certified Commonwealth of PA Lethal Weapons Agent
  • Certified Security Specialist
  • Certified Body Guard
    Certified Fugitive Recovery Specialist
  • PADOE Act 48 Approved Provider
  • Member N.A.F.R.A. (National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents)
  • Member National Foundation for Protection Officers
  • Advanced Patrol Officer Survival
  • Crisis Mgmt for First Responders
  • Critical Incident Mgmt.
    Personal Protection Specialist
  • Force & Conflict Resolution
  • Terrorism & The Industry
  • Identification of Club Drugs

Martial Arts

  • Certified International 6th Dan Master World Taekwondo Federation / So. Korea
  • UNTN 8th Dan and Quan Jang / USA / Grandmaster
  • Olympic TKD Coach and Referee
  • More than 25 Years teaching.
  • Founder of Protect Int'l and several other industry related websites and training schools
  • Operator 15 Martial Arts Schools in the USA.
  • More than 50 Industry Awards and Citations from Korea and the US.
  • 3 Time Florida State Champion Men's Black Belt Sparring

Firearms & Less Than Lethal

  • Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Certified Firearms Instructor

    Certified NRA Law Enforcement / Handgun / Shotgun Instructor

    Municipal Police Officer Training Commission HR218 Firearms Instructor (50 state CCW for retired Law Enforcement)
    LEOSA - Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act of 2004 amended 2013

    International Assoc. Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors - Master Instructor Pistol
    Certified NRA Range Safety Officer
  • Certified NRA Pistol  Instructor
  • Certified NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor
  • Certified NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home I/ Basic & Advanced instructor
  • Certified NRA Ammunition Reload  Shotgun and Metallic Shell Casing
  • Instructor
  • Certified NRA Shotgun Instructor
  • Certified NRA Rifle Instructor
    Certified TASER Law Enforcement Instructor
  • Certified TASER Trainer Civilian
  • Pennsylvania / Act 235 Certified
  • Certified GLOCK Pistol Armorer

  • PSP Certified Lethal Weapons - Skills Instructor

    OCAT & Exp BATON Instructor

First Aid, EMT, CPR - Health & Fitness

  • Certified Personal Trainer-ASFA
  • Certified Fitness Trainer-Expert Rating
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist
  • BLS / CPR - Child, Infant, Adult
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Basic First Aid / CPR

Vehicle / Automobile

  • Commercial Drivers License - CDL
  • Evasive & Tactical Driving

Associations Memberships

ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association)
IALEFI (International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors)
NAFRA (National Association of Fugitiove Recovery Agents)
NRA Business Alliance
World Tae Kwon Do Federation Academy Owner
USA Taekwondo (USOC/TKD Governing Body)
IFPO (International Foundation of Protective Officers)
s2 Institute (Safety & Intelligence Institute)
American Sports & Fitness Association



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