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SIRT & Dry-Fire Training (Video Below)

NO FIREARMS - All training is done with SIRT Laser Pistols and Software in classroom.
Students are introduced to:

    Muzzle Discipline
    Trigger Control

    Timed Drills
    Draw from Concealment
    Flash-Sight Picture
    Point Shooting
    Close Qtr Shooting
    Multi-Target Shooting
    Combat and Tactical reloading while moving
    Strong-hand / support-hand shooting
    Single hand shooting
    Shooting around barricades / cover / concealment
    Partner Drills
    AR Training and 2-weapon-system training
    Decision making - shoot / no-shoot drills

This training is invaluable for students who wish to develop shooting skills inexpensively while exercising the same fundamentals as live-fire.
Dry-fire LASER training is an exceptional way to become a better shooter and develop safe training practices.


Current training available:
Lancaster, York, Central, PA
717-252-2824 /

Call or email to discuss scheduling a class!


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